Hi - We are fatdane!

Fatdane is a Danish organic microbrewery that rethinks your sodas and tonics. Everything is brewed in Denmark where we make an effort on behalf of the planet, the taste and the ecology. Fatdane is quality, coziness and enjoying life - because we can and because it's cool!


We have spent the last 3 years creating a new organic COLA - made from real juice and organic spices - completely without phosphoric acid, ascorbic acid or citric acid, which you normally find in a cola.

Enjoy it with an ecological conscience.

Meet us in the field on Funen

The rhubarbs are harvested by hand and pressed gently

We invented fatdane when there was no proper alternative with real juice and ingredients - fatdane is the dream of creating enjoyment that can be drunk with a clear conscience.

Organic good style

Our tonic is based on real bark - we have spent years refining the taste of our mixers so that they contain the right amount of bitterness, sweetness and harmony for your drink that is with or without alcohol!

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