The desire to offer each other the best!


The story of fatdane started in 2015 where we as some of the first decided to create a microbrewery that makes soda. The idea is the same as other smaller breweries - we want to challenge the existing industry which makes products with a low focus on sustainability and honesty. Since then, we have sold millions of bottles in Denmark, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland and the UK, as well as a number of smaller export markets.

Fatdane - its all good!

Our philosophy is simple - we want to create honest products that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience

We have dropped all the unnecessary dyes and preservatives. From the very beginning, we have wanted to set new standards for innovation and the use of real raw materials. We are uncompromising in our search for the best organic taste - completely free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

Quality raw materials

When we are looking for new flavors, it is based on what we can find locally and organically. We work with the farmer and ensure that our juice is absolutely perfect - every time!


Organic is good for groundwater and diversity - we naturally avoid the use of pesticides. We work for a world that thinks and acts organically - for the benefit of animals, humans and our planet.

Produced in Denmark

Everything is produced locally and in Denmark. We try to reduce transport on the road as much as possible and we therefore have stock in 3 places in Denmark - so we save the environment for transport and CO2.

Mixers with Nordic authenticity

Our organic mixer range is created for situations where you want to have fun, party and enjoy the company of others.